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(22 Jul 2017 )



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Stock Instruments Available? No

Number of Trees Planted: 179


Completed in the last 7 days: 16

In the shop: 26

"I cannot believe how beautiful this ukulele is in every aspect and detail. I have not tasted it, but sight, hearing, touch, and smell have all been richly rewarded. It plays so sweetly, commanding me to play better NOW. Everything is perfect - neck and fretboard feel so good! Only problem is I can't play backward to display that Myrtle back! You folks really nailed it - thank you! So so so happy, like six years old on Christmas morning,"

- Peter B. (1694)

San Blas

Jun 9





The Unscripted Video Series

Week 229: We Love Going to the Shop


As our retirement approaches, we are savoring every moment in the shop.


Latest Completed Work Demo

Master Grade Blue Pond Myrtle


Super Soprano Classic (1791)