• Hand-built and hand-voiced
• Vintage style + modern features
• Professional grade instrument
• Concert or Tenor size
• Includes Steady case

"The tone, playability and clean aesthetic that you have come to expect from Mya-Moe."

In 2008, Aaron Keim started his luthiery career when he combined vintage style and modern features to create The Beansprout Banjo ukulele.
Now over 100 instruments later, the Beansprout is the most highly regarded modern banjo ukulele. After starting to work with Gordon & Char at Mya-Moe, we decided to upgrade the Beansprout with Mya-Moe features such as the radiused fretboard and Peghed geared tuners.
We offer the Beansprout Banjo in a choice of 4 different woods—myrtle, walnut, cherry and maple, with a matching rim and neck.

Each rim is individually hand-turned, and the necks are individually hand-shaped.
The hardware is solid brass, available either natural or with nickel plating. The unplated brass will develop a gorgeous, natural patina over time.
These are not loud, harsh novelty instruments, instead they are professional grade instruments with the tone, playablity and clean aesthetic that you have come to expect from a Mya-Moe.
For a very detailed review of the Beansprout done by Ken Middleton, click here.

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