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Nov 20, 2017


I love this Uke! It sounds better and more open new than my other Uke's do after two years. Everywhere I take it I get compliments on its looks and sound, and I do take it everywhere. The sound for such a small instrument is BIG and the sustain just keeps going. Thank you for creating such a beautiful and functional piece of art. Your skills are greatly appreciated!


- Steve B. (2318)



Oct 18, 2017


I received my Mya-Moe ukulele yesterday and it is just gorgeous! Everything about it is fantastic. It sounds wonderful and I can’t stop playing it!


- Carlye C. (2317)



Sep 27, 2017


She is just divine, and looks and sounds even more amazing than I’d imagined… and sooooo worth the wait


- Fi M. (2296)



Sep 21, 2017


My beautiful work of art ukelele arrived last evening. So light and balanced. The shape and size of the body was a surprise. The shape of the Mya-Moe is much easier to hold. Barred chords are easy, too,  with the radiused fret board, and the sound lovely, long sustain, warm and rich. I'm totally happy.


- Deborah B. (2511)



Sep 15, 2017


My uke arrived right on schedule and it is gorgeous!  Pictures cannot do it justice.  Your artistry and workmanship have produced a wonderful instrument.  The playability is superb and the tone full and vibrant.  I can REALLY feel it vibrate against my stomach.  The sustain is incredible.  Just think what it will sound like when it starts to open up!  Larry Robinson's excellent and beautiful inlay added the cherry on top!


- Lanny D. (2288)



Sep 13, 2017


The instrument is quite beautiful to look at.  Everything came together so perfectly. The maple binding really enhances the beauty.  It’s all so perfect! The sound is so pure and rich!  It was so full sounding ! I know that it will continue to improve as time goes by.  That’s so awesome!  The first thing I played was Smoky Mountain Lullabye.  I’m sure you know it.  One of my favorite pieces to play.  Today, my fingers are sore, as I played for quite a long time last night. Thank you all for your time, talent and dedication.  You have given me a gift that I will treasure (and play!) for the rest of my life. 


- Michael F. (2238)



Sep 13, 2017


My ukulele arrived today! It's perfect in every way. The finish on the wood feels like silk and it's so easy to play. All those barred chords are so much easier with the radiused fret board. The sound is beautiful, sweet with surprising volume. I can't wait to hear how it sounds as it opens up. I feel very honored to be an owner of a Mya-Moe ukulele. I'm still amazed at the personal attention I received to make sure that my ukulele was exactly what I wanted and my ukulele is by far the highest quality instrument I have ever owned.


- Sharon L. (2289)



Sep 13, 2017


I just got my uke. I tuned it up, played it, and fell in love. <3 It's a beautiful piece of art. Wonderful craftsmanship (I'm a woodworker myself and I make custom furniture, so I appreciate the quality of the work). I also love the way it sounds. Beautiful! It is my all time favorite ukulele. Thank you so much for helping me select the wood, etc. I'm very, very happy!


- Jeanne K. (2430)



Sep 12, 2017


Exquisite. Love the wood grain and all of the different colors I see in the wood. The abalone rosette and purfling show it off. Also like the side wood you chose for this uke. And of course it sounds absolutely incredible. Really resonates. Thank you to everyone at Mya-Moe for your craftsmanship and attention to detail.


- Linda H. (2467)



Aug 26, 2017


It just arrived and it's even prettier in person! It looks and sounds wonderful.   Thank you all so much for all the time and talent you poured into my beautiful ukulele. I wish I could give you all a big hug of appreciation.   It's in a good home and will be well LOVED. Thanks again!


- Jill C. (2284)


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