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Dec 1, 2012


I played the uke most of the night at The Pines last night. Sounded incredible. I'm going to try and do a video today or tomorrow. I'll put it on your Facebook page.


- Rick H. (886)



Nov 30, 2012


El Diablo was a huge hit last night!

Most folks inquired as to what type of instrument it is.

"Never heard a ukulele sound like that!"

Thanks again and again and again everyone!!


- John R. (847)



Nov 29, 2012


Sounds and looks incredible!


- Gabriel M. (876)



Nov 27, 2012


I can't thank you enough for this amazing ukulele. It is a stunning beauty, and I've cried a few times just listening to Molly play it.


- Ben S. (878)



Nov 27, 2012


You really built me a nice uke. the sound is exactly what i was looking for. Very Happy with my New Mya Moe. Thanks again to everyone who built me a beautiful great sound ukulele!.


- Len K. (880)



Nov 26, 2012


Love my Beansprout!


- Randy C. (873)



Nov 24, 2012


It’s still like bein’ in the worm hole and it just got filled with rose pettles


- Craig S. (881)



Nov 17, 2012


Been playing my new awesome uke. I absolutely *love* it!! I can't even begin to express all the joy and pleasure your instruments give me each and every day. I know that I am very blessed and I am extremely grateful and appreciative for not only the instruments but for the opportunity to have gotten to know and work with you. It is a pleasure and a wonderful gift.


- Karen S. (871)



Nov 16, 2012


Pineapple arrived early and it is beyond elegant. I'm thinking Fred Astaire elegant. The action feels great! Thanks Gordon! A rainy weekend predicted for L.A. Perfect for hunkering down and breaking in the strings. It sounds different from my koa pineapple which is exactly what I wanted. Thank you!


- Donicia A. (872)



Nov 16, 2012


My ukulele is safely home with me, and oh.... the joy, the joy. Blissful times of playing ahead for me. I handed the instrument to my son, who is a fine musician, and immediately he remarked that the four strings together created a much more integrated sound than what he hears from other ukuleles. Each chord sounds like a sweet, full unit of music. That plunky, rubber-band thing that other ukes have -- completely absent.


- Juli K. (877)


541-547 of 547