Jesse Quin


"To be honest, I play the guitar. I don't know anything about ukuleles. I don't know which note's where or the shapes of chords or anything. But the thing about my Mya-Moe ukulele is that none of that matters. I thought I'd put the effort into learning it properly but to be honest, half the magic of it for me is that because it's so beautifully made and sounds so dark and warm and lovely, you can just start noodling on it and before you realize it you've written two or three songs without even knowing what key you're in. I'm sure the other stuff will come with time, but right now, I'm perfectly happy just enjoying it with that little bit of mystery."


band(s): Keane & Mt. Desolation

Jesse is a singer and songwriter from London who also plays bass in Keane and sings and plays guitar in Mt. Desolation.


Jesse Quin plays:

Master Grade Koa Tenor Classic