the Cascade Series


The Cascade Series denotes an instrument which is made to minimize the impact on the environment. Towards this goal, body woods are used that are either currently sustainable, or can be harvested in a sustainable fashion. Port Orford Cedar is used for the neck and internal blocks, while Maple is used for the fretboard and bridge.


There are a number of other facets to the Mya-Moe Cascade Series:

• Over 80% of our wood suppliers are within a 5 hour drive

• We have a tree planted for each Cascade Series instrument that we build

• As with all our instruments, offcuts from making necks are used to make internal blocks

• And, other offcuts go to local artisans who use them for making jewelry


The playability, acoustics and aesthetics of The Cascade Series instruments meet the rigorous standards and goals at Mya-Moe.