Mya-Moe Base Price Update


The following prices will be effective beginning June 15, 2021


After over 8 years without a price increase, Mya-Moe will finally be adjusting the pricing on base models. At this time, pricing on upgrades such as pickups, master grade woods and many other options will remain at the levels set back in 2013. Any orders placed before June 15, 2021 will benefit from the current prices regardless of the projected completion date of the instrument.


Classic Model


Mya-Moe's most popular model, the 4-string classic ukulele


Soprano: $1450

Super Soprano: $1500

Concert: $1550

Tenor: $1650

Baritone: $1800


Resonator Model


Mya-Moe's iconic wood body resonator


Concert: $1600

Tenor: $1750


Six-String Model


Built with paired-octaves at the first and third courses: a- and c-strings for the tenor, e- and g-strings for the baritone


Tenor: $1800

Baritone: $1950



Current pricing until June 15, 2021


The prices listed on the Pricing and Options page and in the online Configuration Tool will continue to reflect 2013 prices unti June 15.