Chris McGarry



Born on the Mississippi River and raised on Methodist hymns, folk ballads and vintage country, learning to play was a necessity for Chris McGarry. After simultaneously picking up a guitar and an obsession with Walt Whitman, creating his own songs became only inevitable.

Residing in Denver’s Capitol Hill, McGarry is part of the new breed of old-time musicians who live in trendy neighborhoods while mining the internet for inspiration found in the form of depression-era 78’s transferred to mp3 format. Yet, despite his relocation to an urban environment, his immersion into modern amenities and a post-beatnik lyrical style, McGarry’s musical roots remain sedentary; melodies as haunted as the river bluffs and a voice as gravelly as the silt laden shores he wandered as a child. Chris teaches ukulele at Swallow Hill in Denver.


Chris McGarry plays:

Common Koa Tenor Tradition

Curly Koa Concert Resonator