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We offer a wide variety of woods from which your instrument may be built. Your choice of wood will be influenced by the resulting tone you desire and, of course, your aesthetic preferences. Here are some resources to give you more information about how your wood choice will affect the tone of your custom ukulele:

Wood Overview Video

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You Choose Your Wood Set!

wood selection video


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The Acoustics of Wood

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Use the interactive graphic below to consider different woods along the
warm->bright spectrum. Click on a wood to get details and links to the gallery to browse instruments constructed from your selection.

Remember, all of our instruments have that great
Mya-Moe tone, sustain & volume.

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warm to bright spectrum


Cascade Series Wood Cascade Series Wood


Match Back & Side Wood

For a standard ukulele, not all woods are suitable for use on the top. You may choose a top wood to match the following woods used for back & side woods:




Sycamore Cascade Series Wood

Myrtle Cascade Series Wood

If you are selecting a top wood for a resonator ukulele, you can match any back & side wood.


Cedar Cascade Series Wood and Redwood

Choose Cedar or Redwood to "warm" up a brighter wood. Available varieties include:


Port Orford Cedar

port orford cedar example

Curly Port Orford Cedar

curly port orford cedar example

Western Red Cedar

western red cedar example


Straight-grained Redwood

straight-grained redwood example

Curly (or "Flame") Redwood

curly redwood example


Spruce Cascade Series Wood

Choose Spruce to "brighten" up a warmer wood. Available in the following varieties:


Sitka Spruce

sitka spruce example

Bearclaw Sitka Spruce

bearclaw sitka spruce example

Engelmann Spruce

engelmann spruce example

Torrefied Sitka Spruce

torrefied sitka spruce example