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Bill W.

Dec 22, 2023




Bill W. performs with his Curly Myrtle Tenor



Jim S.

Oct 2, 2023




Jim S. jamming outside Sun Studios in Memphis with his Tenor Reso.




Jul 17, 2023




TJ tunes up and settles in to play his new Koa & Torrefied Spruce Tenor.



Val S.

Mar 20, 2023




Val was looking for a bright and loud concert uke. She got her wish with Maple and Spruce.



Eileen M.

Sep 22, 2022




Eileen visits the Mya-Moe shop to pick up her custom Chocolate Heart Myrtle Concert.



Marc P.

Jan 22, 2022




Happy to meet Marc at the Brown County Uke Fest where he claimed his new Mango Tenor



Mary Jo R.

Jan 11, 2022




Mary Jo shows off her new Mya-Moe Baritone featuring pyropgraphy from Dino Muradian.



Fred P.

Nov 4, 2021




Fred and his Cascade Series Baritone. Master Grade Myrtle back and sides with a Curly Port Orford Cedar top. Dressed up with some rope binding.



Fred P.

Jun 18, 2021




Fred with his “killer blues machine”



Jim K.

Mar 11, 2021




Jim with his Curly Myrtle Tenor. He picked out the wood in person at the Mya-Moe Shop in Glenview before his uke was built.


1-10 of 285