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(21 Jul 2021 )



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"I still have your instrument in my hands every single day. That's a sweet sounding uke as I'm sure all of them are. I'm really partial to the low g string. It's so mellow when played softly and it really thumps when I get a little aggressive with it while doin’ hammer ons and pull offs. I love that little thing! No guitar I own makes me feel so good! Thank you all, again, for such a fine instrument!"

- Toby K. (501)

Fred P.

Jun 18 - From latest owner pics




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Jun 17





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Tuner Options


A look at the current lineup of tuner options for your Mya-Moe ukulele. We recently added 2 new options.


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Mike Poupko demos #2652


Mike Poupko demos #2652, Walnut and Port Orford Cedar Tenor Cutaway (2652)