Larry Wyatt


"I am selling all my other ukuleles. This is the only one I will ever play!"


band(s): Hapa Hillbillies

Larry is a homegrown Oregon boy raised on HEE-HAW and candy cigarettes. He wore out his parents Waylon Jennings' records and got whupped for it, so he turned his attention to the Buck Owens catalog and wore vinyl ruts in those too. He got his first guitar at age 15 and launched himself headlong into a lifelong obsession with music. Larry plays with the Cascade Trio, Django's Cadillac, The Hapa Hillbillies, and the Wasco Bros. Larry is a music teacher at Westside Elementary where he uses the ukulele in the classroom. He conducts the Westside Ukuestra & through his work with Gorge Ukuleles, has helped other schools start ukulele programs. At Larry's suggestion, all our instruments have a radiused fretboard.


Larry Wyatt plays:

Curly Koa Tenor Resonator

Common Koa Soprano Tradition

Common Koa Tenor Tradition



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