Ken Middleton


"The uke you made for me is just stunning. I have played a lot of ukuleles in the last few years, but I still believe that you make the best banjo ukes. The workmanship is faultless, the neck profile is perfect, the fretboard looks so great with no dots and the head plate is simply beautiful. I am genuinely staggered. You have actually greatly surpassed even my highest expectations."


Ken, with a 35 year history as a high school music teacher, lives in a small village in England. Now he works as International Marketing Manager for Ohana.

Recently, Ken created his own ukulele string company called Living Water Strings. They are available for all four sizes of ukulele: Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone, and can be purchased from his website.


Ken Middleton plays:

Tenor Beansprout Banjo




Check out Ken's videos: