Kevin Carroll


"As a teacher, performer and recording artist, I am concerned with the tone, playability and aesthetics of my instruments.  I always receive glowing compliments from students, audience members and sound engineers about my Mya-Moe instruments.  Many of my students have been so impressed that they are now Mya-Moe owners."


Kevin Carroll is a music educator and performing artist from Austin, TX.  Kevin teaches ukulele workshops internationally, private and group music lessons to all ages and levels, performs internationally and has recorded a solo instrumental ukulele album titled resolUKEtion..  He has launched a ukulele-based music education charity  ( which brings lessons and instruments to schools and students with limited resources.  Equally passionate about music, education and ukulele, Kevin seeks to inspire and empower students to exercise their birthright of making music.  Kevin is currently the third and final year of course study in  James Hill’s Ukulele Initiative teacher training program. 


Kevin Carroll plays:

Striped Myrtle Tenor Tradition

Curly Koa Tenor Resonator

Figured Mahogany Tenor Six-String Classic

Walnut Super Soprano Classic




Check out Kevin's videos: