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Victoria Vox


"Picking out the wood for my custom low G Mya-Moe ukulele was such a fun experience. When I saw the two V's, wings and "feathers" in the myrtle, I knew I had to have it! I named it the Flying V. This model has a light warm tone, without getting muddy. The fluorocarbon strings sound clean and crisp, giving it a very balanced tone. Each string rings clear and it's just so playable! I absolutely LOVE it. Thank you Char and Gordon! I also use Mi-Si pickups (which are battery-free) in all my ukuleles. The Flying V has a Mi-Si pickup with both volume and tone controls inside the sound hole. "

website: www.victoriavox.com

Previously musing with a guitar, Victoria Vox began appearing in clubs as a ukulele musician 4 years after receiving a degree in songwriting from the prestigious Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA), and the welcome was a warm one indeed! In 2006 Vox released her debut ukulele album, Victoria Vox and Her Jumping Flea, on her own label, OBUS Music, and while on her first tour in Hawaii, she became endorsed by KoAloha Ukuleles (Honolulu). The disc was featured on NPR's "To The Best of Our Knowledge" and its songs were picked up for licensing in television and independent films. Vox has been awarded runner-up for "My Darlin' Beau" (Jumping Flea) and First Place for "C'est Noye" (from her 2008 release, Chameleon) in the International Acoustic Music Awards. She has been included in Relix Magazine and Washington D.C.'s City's Best lists of artists to watch and is a multi WAMA (Washington D.C. Area Music Award) winner for her 2010 release Exact Change and for her work as a Folk-Contemporary vocalist. Also -- hardly the big break she's been waiting for -- Vox appeared on the Jay Leno Show to demonstrate her perfected mouth trumpet! Currently, Vox is a nominee in the Independent Music Awards for both Adult Contemporary Album of the Year and for Album Design (for Exact Change).

Vox met Char and Gordon of Mya-Moe Ukuleles on the U.S. Ukulele Festival circuit. After much collaboration and becoming close friends, Vox took delivery of a custom Mya-Moe myrtle cutaway tenor she affectionately calls "the Flying V".

Now known among the ukulele community for her refreshingly modern and rhythmic ukulele technique, Vox continues to propel her original style towards the contemporary. Originally from Green Bay, WI, Vox now lives in Baltimore, and averages 125+ live performances each year, playing at a mixed bag of venues across the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia. She's an undiscovered gem… but won't be for long.


Victoria Vox plays:

Master Grade Myrtle Tenor Cutaway Classic

Master Grade Myrtle Tenor Cutaway Classic

Figured Mahogany Baritone Cutaway Classic

Curly Myrtle Tenor Cutaway Classic




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