J. Chalmers Doane


"Playing this uke is a musical treat. It is comfortable, responsive and exciting to the ear. I love it!"


J. Chalmers Doane, a musician and teacher from Nova Scotia, was instrumental in creating a revival of interest in the ukulele during the 1970s and 80s, in Canada and Australia.

He developed a range of triangular-bodied ukuleles and published a series of instructional books.

Doane also released nine LPs, including Ukulele Express and Ukulele Solos (selections of his own solos), Ukulele Trio (with Karen Oxley and Lorne White) and Ukulele Magic, Ukuleles on Tour and Ukulele Yes! (as director of the Halifax Ukulele Group).


J. Chalmers Doane plays:

Curly Koa Concert Classic

Common Koa Soprano Tradition

Common Mango Concert Tradition