Ernie Halter


"I can't stop talking about the Chocolate Heart Mango Tenor you and Gordon made for me. Its stunningly beautiful. Its sweet and warm, and sings with perfect intonation, and I love it. I couldn't help recording a bit of it on nearly every song on the new record! This tenor ukulele looks and plays better than any guitar I've ever had. I just wish every instrument I played was as well made as this one. Thank you so much!"


Ernie is the new sound of acoustic soul. An accomplished Singer-Songwriter, Ernie has shared the stage with talented artists such as John Mayer, Tony Lucca, Christina Aguilera, Lloyd, Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard, Tricky, and Persia White.


Ernie Halter plays:

Common Mango Concert Tradition

Chocolate Heart Mango Tenor Classic




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