Alex Becrelis


"All I can really say is that you and Char have made me a smelly person... why you ask?? because I can't put the ukulele down long enough to even want to take a shower. It's sooooooo amazing.. I have just never played something so amazing until I played this ukulele, so I didn't know one like this could exist. Something I look for in an instrument aside from tonal, visual, and structural aspect is whether or not it inspires song writing and this one does. I don't think I will ever really play another uke. I absolutely love it."


band(s): Tripping Lily

Alex is a member of Tripping Lily. Tripping Lily blends a unique sound of traditional and contemporary genres. A group of musicians who draw their inspiration from within, Tripping Lily has deeply explored songwriting with their personal and passionate work. Touted as fresh, energetic, and alive, Tripping Lily's pop-rock groundwork is cross-fertilized with folk music and cutting edge vocal harmonies. The band's unique ability to absorb traditional music while speaking to the here and now is proof of their versatility as contemporary musicians.


Alex Becrelis plays:

Master Grade Koa Tenor Cutaway Classic

Master Grade Koa Super Soprano Classic