Ralph Shaw


"It has been a delight and a privilege to work with Gord and Char in the creation of Brunhild the Baritone ukulele.

When we first talked about Brunhild I described the certain sound that I needed to hear in a great baritone ukulele. My main requirement was that the instrument should have a big sound, loud and full. I wanted it to possess a certain power; a quality that I kept referring to as 'Oomf'.

G and C went to work and along the way they taught me about the acoustical properties of various tone-woods. I also learned about the importance of string types.

The process has given me a greater respect for the balancing act of crafting looks, playability and sound that is the art of luthiery. I now own a beautiful baritone ukulele whose 'Oomf' factor is second to none."

website: www.ralphshaw.ca

A versatile musical entertainer and a captivating speaker Ralph Shaw is known across Canada due to his numerous live performances on National CBC with; Bill Richardson, Arthur Black, Shelagh Rodgers and others. He has released 3 critically acclaimed CDs and his original songs have been used on Movies and TV shows in both the USA and Canada. Ralph was the motivation behind the development of our baritone model ukulele.


Ralph Shaw plays:

Figured Sycamore Baritone Classic




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