Gabriel Mann


"This thing is gorgeous, smells great, plays great, sounds great, and is the envy of all my musician friends. It holds a place of honor on my studio wall, and in the few months i've owned it i've used it on the score to 'Modern Family,' a couple of TV pilots, and all sorts of song demos. It has yet to make an appearance with The Rescues live, but that's coming soon I'm sure."


band(s): The Rescues

Gabriel Mann does just about everything there is to do in music. He produced Sara Bareilles' Careful Confessions, he was the resident songwriter on Fox's Arrested Development, opened for Alanis Morissette on tour through Europe, sang all the island fare in Office Space, and engineers and mixes music from around the world.

Mann wrote the theme and composes the weekly score for ABC's Modern Family. He is also a member of alternative rock band The Rescues, with five songs licensed to Grey's Anatomy to their credit and their sophomore album due out soon.

Gabriel has written music for video games (F.E.A.R., the Legend of Spyro series, the Crash Bandicoot series, TimeShift), TV shows (Modern Family, Worst Week, Carpoolers, Sex Love and Secrets, Arrested Development, Over There), and commercials (McDonald's, Walgreens, Toyota), and regularly contributes his voice and songs to movies (Sleepover, Superhero Movie, Urban Legends, Office Space, Spiderman 3, Brother Bear, The Polar Express). He's an occasional sideman for other artists (opened for the Rolling Stones in England touring with Tim Burgess of the Charlatans), and somewhere in there finds time to make his own solo albums.

Recently Mann has written and produced songs for several of Mattel's most recent Barbie movies, as well as "Painting Flowers," performed by All Time Low (Interscope) from the Almost Alice soundtrack from Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland.


Gabriel Mann plays:

Curly Koa Tenor Resonator