Rev Hank


"I have two Mya Moe ukuleles. The first is a Mango Soprano Tradition This is the biggest sounding instrument I have ever played, and I played tuba in high school. My second Mya Moe is a Northwest Aloha Concert Resonator. This uke sings like Pavoratti, shouts like an evangalist praying for redemption, and barks like a carny at the sideshow tent. Char & Gordon have me hooked. Mya Moe 4 Life (MM4L)."


band(s): Urban Surf Kings

Rev Hank (Mike Diabo) has laid claim to the title of Ukulele Surf King (uke virtuoso was already taken, phew). A founding member of the instro-Mental surf trio Urban Surf Kings, Rev has made it his mission to bring surf music to the masses through guitar or ukulele. Whatever it takes. He is also a successful solo artist, movie/tv composer, producer, and has toured the world with Rev Hank meets Wadadli Riders. Rev founded the Halifax Uke Gang back in 2008 in order to have an organization for all ukers, regardless of ability, to get together once a month to play the ukulele. It boasts at least 30 members


Rev Hank plays:

Common Mango Soprano Tradition

Curly Myrtle Concert Resonator




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