Eric Skye


"In May 2010 Eric Skye took delivery of his first Mya-Moe uke. 'I just love this little guy. It's as light as a bag of chips and responsive beyond belief. Its volume and projection never cease to amaze. Besides sounding incredible, it has the modern playability and intonation of a little European sports car. And I can spend a lot of time just looking at it! The master grade chocolate heart mango is simply stunning. I'm still working on my uke playing, but I find that in addition to being great for jazz, playing fiddle tunes on it is really wonderful too. Every time I pull it everyone in the room just gets a huge smile.'"


Pacific Northwest guitarist Eric Skye occupies an unique niche by squarely being in the classic jazz camp, but with the intimate sound of the acoustic steelstring guitar, and an eclectic array of influences from bluegrass, to latin music, to vintage soul jazz and funk... all threaded together with the blues, and a healthy respect for the groove. Eric has released 2 solo acoustic guitar cds, “Acoustic Jazz Guitar Solos” and “For Lulu”. His newest release, the Eric Skye Acoustic Groove Trio's, “Slow Moving Dog”, features ten original acoustic tunes, all recorded live, that might be described as somewhere between Medeski, Martin & Wood and the David Grisman Quintet.

We are happy that Eric now also applies his style & versatility to the ukulele, putting new demands on our instruments.


Eric Skye plays:

Master Grade Chocolate Heart Mango Concert Classic




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