David Schwartz


"Wow Mya-Moe! These are the two most gorgeous ukuleles ever! Wow! You are true artists and it's obvious each ukulele is made with love. The resonator and the six string are perfect - they came out of the shipping crate in tune! Wow! The volume and tone is big, even before they have been played in. Even the cases are beautiful.

Now that I've had some time to play my Mya-Moe ukes, I have come to realize they are unusually versatile. They are capable of both classic and modern ukulele sounds. I couldn't be more pleased!"


In 1990, David began composing music for film and television. His first network TV series, the multi Emmy award winning hit, Northern Exposure, earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Instrumental Composition for its memorable theme song. He went on to score every episode of the show for its entire seven-season run.

Over the last two decades, David has scored numerous television themes and series, including "Arrested Development," "Deadwood" (Emmy Nominated for Main Title Theme), and "Wolf Lake" (also Emmy Nominated for Main Title Theme). His film scores include Gonzo: The Life & Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, directed by Alex Gibney, The Two Of Us, directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, and You Stupid Man, directed by Brian Burns.


David Schwartz plays:

Curly Myrtle Tenor Resonator

Chocolate Heart Mango Tenor Six-String Classic