Lucy Schwartz


"I love my Mya-Moe ukes!!! They make me feel as if I live on a tropical Island."


In addition to her CD, Life in Letters, the voice of Lucy Schwartz has graced movie theaters and TV sets across the country. Lucy created the love theme to Shrek Forever After and performed the song with her co-writer Landon Pigg on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter has also written for numerous films including Mother & Child, Post Grad, Adam, and the Meg Ryan comedy The Women, for which she created songs for both the front and end credits while still in high school. She recently penned the international theme song for Parenthood, and her songs have been featured in more than a dozen hit television shows, from Grey's Anatomy to Make it Or Break It; ER to Brothers and Sisters. For Schwartz, who sang the hilariously campy jingles "Mister F" and "For British Eyes Only" on Arrested Development, drama comes naturally. "I did a lot of theater growing up," says the effervescent Lucy, "so I like the idea of escaping into a character and becoming someone else." Now, Life in Letters establishes Lucy Schwartz as a major talent, big and bright and bursting with energy. She recorded the album with producer Mitchell Froom (Elvis Costello, Paul McCartney). Lucy commands dramatic torch songs and breezy pop ditties with equal vigor, bringing a spectacular whimsy to everything she does, adding ukulele or a capella harmonies where you'd least expect them, cranking up every emotion into surround sound. Lucy Schwartz is an emerging artist who's deeply engaged with the world - the good stuff, and the bad. "Lucy Schwartz literally means 'light dark,' and I tend to write that way, too," she says. "Some songs seem bright and happy but the words are more thoughtful and introspective. Others feel darker, but I sound more hopeful. Sometimes you can hear both the light and dark in my voice."


Lucy Schwartz plays:

Master Grade Curly Mango Tenor Classic




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