Kate Power


"Playing my Mya Moe Lili'U moves me... The action is seamless, smooth and natural. As my fingers change gears, my Mya Moe stays with me, so responsive that it drives my playing right into the bliss spot that comes with handling a truly fine instrument with no backtalk. Expressive, transparent clarity, beautiful action and exquisite beauty inhabits the tiny form of the mighty Mya Moe and raises the bar of fine ukuleles to new heights of enjoyment and satisfaction."

website: www.qualityfolk.com

Music to Life winner of the Grand Prize at Kerrvillle 2006 for her song, "Travis John", Kate's songs are inspired. Considered "one of the great voices of our time" (Bill Margeson, WCDB). Kate Power is a voice whose song is growing. As a long-time Lili'U player, Kate was the inpiration behind our 6-string model.


Kate Power plays:

Master Grade Curly Mango Tenor Six-String Classic

Figured Mahogany Tenor Six-String Classic