Pete Roe



band(s): Laura Marling

Pete Roe is a Singer/Songwriter from Bristol. In 2006 he released his debut album ‘Propellor’ and since moving to London in 2008 two EPs 2008’s ‘Animals’ and most recently ‘The Merry-Go-Round’ released earlier this year. When he moved to London in 2008 his talent was quickly spotted and he became a full time band member for one of our generation’s leading artists, Laura Marling. Although not present on her Debut album ‘Alas I cannot swim’ Pete joined Laura on her worldwide tour with Mumford and Sons and Johnny Flynn to promote the album. For her second album ‘I speak because I can’ Laura had a completely new recording band which, this time, included Pete. Again he joined her second world tour playing Piano, Harmonium and guitar, only this time her support act for many of the shows would to be Pete Roe himself, promoting his own material and then coming back out to perform with Laura’s band later.

Pete’s latest release has been met with much admiration in the ‘nu-folk’ scene. He is strongly lauded for his songwriting ability, his unique vocals, and his complex and absorbing guitar playing.


Pete Roe plays:

Figured Mahogany Baritone Six-String Classic




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