Jeff Stinco


"I played your Uke for hours yesterday. Its the first Uke I played that actually sounds good all over the neck. I started playing simple open chords and got to writing music within minutes. It was very inspiring.

As the night progressed, I also played some "shred" Uke. It was fun to limit myself to 4 strings and the distance between the frets made it quite easy to play some outrageous and unthinkable stretches on a guitar. I had lots of fun.

Your instrument sounds great and looks awesome. I really love it.

I'd like to thank you and your wife for offering me, with great generosity, such a fun, beautiful and inspiring instrument. I am very grateful."


band(s): Simple Plan


Jeff Stinco plays:

Common Mango Tenor Tradition

Curly Mango Tenor Classic




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