Gerald Ross


"Mya-Moe resonator ukuleles have a musical, crystal-clear, bell-like tone with none of the harshness or strident sounds one typically associates with many of the resonator ukes on the market today. They intonate perfectly for the entire length of the neck, play like butter and are easy on the eyes. Thank you Gordon & Char, you are doing it right!"


Gerald Ross has delighted audiences with his ukulele, guitar, and steel guitar performances locally and nationally since the early 70s. He has performed in concert with Bonnie Raitt, Arlo Guthrie, Doc Watson, Johnny Gimble, Vassar Clements, Riders In The Sky, Brownie McGhee, and many other nationally known artists.

His four solo instrumental ukulele CDs (you really don't want to hear him sing) feature jazz standards, popular favorites, delta and urban blues, Tin Pan Alley melodies, New Orleans rhythms, and boogie woogie.

Gerald is the winner of the 1993 WEMU Jazz Competition (solo artist category). Other radio work includes appearances on National Public Radio's "A Prairie Home Companion" with Garrison Keillor.

Gerald is the (very recent) winner of the 2009 Hawaii Music Awards (Steel Guitar Category) for his CD 'Ukulele Hit Parade'.

When the mood strikes him, he has been known to pick up a mandolin, bass, steel guitar, banjo, harmonica, Cajun accordion, and ukulele. A ukulele is not a toy.


Gerald Ross plays:

Master Grade Koa Tenor Resonator




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