Steve Einhorn


"Every once in a while you pick up an instrument that feels right at home in your hands, like one you've been playing for a lifetime. My Mya-Moe is such an instrument. I love playing it. It's always ready and willing to perform beautifully... ...there's nothing amusing or cute about Gordon and Char Mayer's ukuleles. Kate and I recently performed with our Mya-Moe ukes in a beautiful 650 seat theatre to a full house. When we began to play them, not only did the audience seemed mesmerized, but the other performers backstage couldn't tell us enough how impressed they were with the sound emanating from these small instruments."


Genuine, warm, funny and sensitive, Einhorn carries music to fresh heights while shooting straight from the core to reveal complex matters of the heart held close from inside the simplest song. A musician's musician, Steve's songs come alive through the door of the heart. Steve wants a ukulele with the longest possible sustain. As a result, we re-engineered the internal structure of our ukulele, which became the basis for our 3rd generation classic.


Steve Einhorn plays:

Figured Mahogany Tenor Classic

Figured Mahogany Baritone Classic