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Build Your Custom Tradition Ukulele

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    Neck & Bridge
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Super Soprano







Body Wood (top, back & sides)
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Standard Bundle

Mahogany neck/Ebony fretboard & bridgetie block

oil finish

oil finish


The traditional choice for necks is Mahogany, which we have used since we began.


Our standard fretboard has been Ebony. It has been the proven choice for fretboards due to its density (stiffness), durability (resistance to wear) and color (the near black color doesn't show marks).


Our standard bridge has been Rosewood or Ebony (we are now just using Ebony). They are the proven choice for bridges due to their density.

Cascade Series Bundle NAS

PO Cedar neck/Maple fretboard & bridgetie block

oil finish

oil finish


We are now offering (no additional cost) a Port Orford Cedar (POC) neck, also reinforced with a carbon fiber rod. It is also lighter weight, and it is a softer wood that can be scarred more easily.


Bird's Eye Maple is our alternative offering for fretboards. It is quite dense and durable, and has been used successfully on many of Fender's electric guitars for years.


Maple is the bridge we use in our Cascade Series bundle. It is quite dense and we believe will perform very well as a bridge.


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Leopardwood & Maple (our standard)

Ebony & Maple (high contrast)

Leopardwood & Cherry (low contrast)

Walnut & Maple

Solid wood to match (no logo) body rim ($50)

Custom Signature Headplate
incorporating your body rim wood ($50)


Selected Headplate

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Machine Tuners w/Amber Buttons

Machine Tuners w/Black Buttons

Gotoh UPT 4:1 Tuners ($50)

Peghed Geared 4:1 Tuners ($50)($150)

Slotted Headstock w/Schertler Tuners ($150)

Slotted Headstock with Rubner Tuners ($150)


Selected Tuners

Peghed Geared Tuners standard for this model.

Peghed Geared Tuners

Electronic Pickup:


K&K Twin Spot passive ($150)

No pickup - endpin included

K&K Twin Spot

This pickup does an excellent job of representing the acoustics of the instrument. In addition, it has no on-board electronics so it is lightweight and very durable. The transducers are two discs that mount inside the body under the bridge plate.


We use Worth brand clear fluorocarbon strings.

Please indicate your preferred 4th string:


High G (re-entrant)

Wound Low G (D'addario silver wound nylon)


(A fluorocarbon low-G available upon request, though the wound string is recommend if a low-g is selected)

Lap Steels are strung with a custom set of D'Addario steel strings.


Please indicate your preferred tuning:

Open G

Open C

Neck Options

1 3/8" is the standard width of the neck at the nut, however you can choose a wide neck, 1 1/2" at the nut, if you prefer.


Standard Nut Width (1 3/8")

Wide Nut Width (1 1/2", no charge))


Zero fret available on request.


Please choose the shipping method that applies:


US (FedEx ground, FREE)

Canada (FedEx ground, $60)

Overseas (FedEx International, $110)

Pickup in person (Also Free)


*Note: International Buyers are responsible for any import/customs duties


Cascade Series Special Option

Congratulations! Your current configuration includes all Cascade Series woods.
We will have a tree planted in your honor.


The following option is also available:


Add NAS inlay at 5th fret (+$100)

Denotes Cascade Series Woods

Your Tradition


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We no longer offer this model.


This builder is provided for informational purposes only.