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(17 Oct 2019 )



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"Hi Cary, The Blonde Baritone arrived safely today.  Great packing design for safe shipping.  Thank you so much, it is wonderful. Your craftsmanship is excellent. The sound, looks, feel, and playability of this baritone are equally outstanding. I swear this is the most light weight baritone I have ever played. The Biscuit Ridge Fire POC has a wonderful tone to it.  It pairs well with the sycamore. The tone has great resonance, projection, crispness and warmth.  I really like this baritone and I really enjoy it in reentrant tuning.  It is all had hoped for and then some.  Thank you again, Hodge. "

- Hodge J. (2549)

GLUG: Sunday Oct 13.

Sep 29




CWD: #2578

Sep 28




CWD: #2575

Sep 27





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GLUG: Sunday Oct 13.


Come see us at the Great Lakes Ukulele Gathering. Tickets at www.anodynecoffee.com


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CWD: #2578


Rob Klein Demonsdtrates a Cocobolo/Redwood Tenor Resonator (2578)