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(8 Apr 2020 )



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"Wow! I just LOVE my new Ukulele. It looks and sounds like a work of art! I tried it plugged in too and the K&K works delightfully well. I'm pretty blown away by it's awesome-ness y'all. I spent most of last night playing it and of course a new song is already brewing! I love being a part of your expanding alt-uke family. :-) To be continued! Much love, gratitude, and music!"

- Ellis (1191)

CWD: #2618

Apr 2




CWD: #2620

Mar 31




CWD: #2617

Mar 7





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Now Offering Pineapple Ukes


Have you always wanted a Pineapple Mya-Moe? Now you can have one custom built in Tenor, Concert or Soprano scale.


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CWD: #2618


All Mango Concert with Koa binding and GraphTech 6:1 Ratio Tuners (2618)