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(22 Jan 2020 )



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"I produced a house concert this evening for the wonderful Kiki Ebsen who invited me to play and sing with her on a number of tunes. My new Mya-Moe walnut concert resonator sounded, looked, and played beautifully.  It’s as if my hands and fingers were literally born for the instrument.  And the best part about my new resonator:  It’s LOUD.  I’ve already named it “The Blaster.”  Thanks so much for all of the skill, care and artistry you put into these instruments."

- Rob S. (1364)

CWD: #2606

Dec 13





Latest Mya-Moe News

Now Offering Pineapple Ukes


Have you always wanted a Pineapple Mya-Moe? Now you can have one custom built in Tenor, Concert or Soprano scale.


Latest Completed Work Demo

Jon Rogers on #2575, a Sycamore Baritone


Enjoy this rendition of a Vince Guaraldi holiday classic (2575)