natural wonders series


About once a year, we come across a few sets of wood that are simply extraordinary - unlike any we've seen & any that we will find again. When this happens, we set them aside & wait until there is a player who wants to own a striking, incredibly rare ukulele. These instruments make up our Mya-Moe Natural Wonders Series.


Natural Wonders wood sets are a $1000 upgrade.


Congratulations to Phil Hart! This set was a second set from the same board as #361. Absolutely stunning! Expansive curl and a beautiful curve of color left to right. All the reds highlighted by that eye-catching bloodwood binding. Truly a pleasure to build!




Natural InclusionNatural InclusionNatural Inclusion


We have a very close relationship with our wood suppliers and that has yielded this incredible possibility for our Natural Wonders Series. Our koa supplier sent us 6 slices of a koa board with a "natural inclusion" that he suggested we try to use as a natural-edged soundhole. All 3 of these instruments are so unique!



Natural Inclusion


Black & White Ebony is hard to come by - at least in sizes large enough to make instruments. Finding the "Tiki Man" is extra special! Definitely a one-of-a-kind find!





Congratulations to Kate McLennan! This set of chocolate heart mango joined to make 3 hearts. She chose a 6-string tenor model which resulted in an incredible tone and stunning aesthetics. We loved interacting with Kate throughout the build and gained a wonderful friend in the process.


Kate McLennan





Congratulations to Daniel Pidgeon! This set also came from our friend, Bruce Creps. Nothing short of stunning! Extreme curl and color we've never seen in any other set of koa. The back is one piece, very rare in the tenor size.





Congratulations to our first Mya-Moe Series One Owner

Dennis Cornwall

dennis1 dennis2 dennis3


Once plentiful along the shores of Hawai'i, Milo is scarce now as shore-front properties have been cleared for houses & condominiums. This incredibly rare set of instrument-grade milo, came from one of our wood suppliers - Bruce Creps, who used to live in Hawai'i and who had been saving this set for just the right purpose. It has light brown sapwood, clearly defined from the reddish/chocolate brown heartwood. It is dense, but not as heavy as the ebonies. Milo is very silky to the touch & takes finish beautifully. Choose a spruce or cedar top for a gorgeous sounding instrument in any of the models we offer.



shoulder back