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Margaret Haupt

Sep 19, 2009




Margaret Haupt with "Little Sister"



Jan Hoak

Sep 16, 2009




Jan Hoak enjoying her Quilted Cherry Resonator!



Jeff Ellison

Sep 16, 2009




Jeff Ellison in Hawaii playing his brand new Mya-Moe custom Cutway Tenor Classic.



Craig Chee

Sep 14, 2009




Craig Chee with a koa resonator in Japan!



Derek Nedveck

Sep 11, 2009




Here's Derek Nedveck, son of owner David Nedveck, playing his Myrtle Reso at a Farmer's Market in Wisconsin.



Moe Dixon

Aug 10, 2009




Moe won't let just anyone play one of his Mya-Moe's...
but here is good friend, Freebo, rockin' out on Moe's Koa Classic!



Lil’ Rev

Jul 20, 2009




Lil' Rev's daughter, Mariela, prefers the 6-String!



Craig Belcher

Jun 28, 2009




Craig Belcher with his new mango classic. We had a great time getting to know Craig at the 2009 Portland Uke Fest!



Matthew McCravey

May 8, 2009




Matthew McCravey plays a Mya-Moe Pau Rosa Resonator (donated to the 2009 Gorge Fiddle Contest) with local luthier & musician, Paul Lestock.



Steve Einhorn

Jan 21, 2009




"AAaahhhh! That's JUST RIGHT!"

Steve bonded with the not-too-shabby Fiddleback Mahogany Classic complete with snappy rope binding.


271-280 of 282