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Aug 16, 2021


I love my mya-moe six string tenor, it has a great jingle jangle chorus affect and I love the way it sounds picked... And the minor chords on it are lovely. It is made absolutely beautifully the quality is brilliant, and Cary has excellent customer service. Came with a luxury case and stays in tune really well! Very happy with this amazing and beautiful ukulele. Thank you Cary!


- Kathy S. (2681)



Jun 18, 2021


Hi, Cary. This is the most incredible instrument by far that I own. Phenomenal in both appearance and sound. The quality is fabulous!!! This is the "killer" blues machine I hoped it would be. Thank you so much. You've made an old guy who is having difficulty physically wielding his guitars a very happy music maker. 


- Fred P. (2692)



May 6, 2021


Hi Cary -  Myrtle arrived safe and sound and she both looks and play so sweet!  I am VERY pleased.  You did a fantastic job.  Now I just need to decide on the details of the next one.


- Rick H. (2684)



Apr 19, 2021


Wow. floored. It plays like an old friend. I always say a great instrument is like a time machine. Because when you start playing, you forget everything, until you notice an hour has passed. I had to force myself to stop playing and write this email :) Thanks again for the great service, and the beautiful creation you have bestowed on me :)


- Johnny C. (2649)



Apr 19, 2021


Hi Cary! It's here and perfect and I absolutely love it!!! I am sooo excited! It's so so beautiful and I just had a play with it. I love the effect of the 6 strings! It sounds REALLY good on my minor songs it sounds so beautiful. Especially Am and Dm.. I have the feeling I'll be doing a lot of songs with those hahah. Thank you thank you I love it so much.


- Kathy S. (2681)



Apr 15, 2021


Hi Cary, it's absolutely perfect. Thank you so much. I've been waiting a long time for a Mya-Moe and I can't put it down!


- Bryan L. (2673)



Mar 11, 2021


Cary, I would like to thank you for the most excellent experience of buying an instrument. From visiting your shop, getting to meet you and picking out my wood, and also playing some of your Uke’s, everything was great. #2670 plays like a dream and sounds lovely, I couldn’t be happier..thanks again.


- Jim K. (2670)



Mar 2, 2021


Hi Cary, OH WOW!!!! When l opened up the case, l pretty much stopped breathing for a few seconds. The ukulele is really something special. It plays like a dream and the notes float around like clouds. What an incredible sound and resonance this ukulele has. Deepest thanks and appreciation to you Cary for making such a beautiful instrument. Believe me, l am just over the moon. I love it and honestly, it’s probably won my heart over my other ukuleles- there is something magical about it.


- Maja Z. (2667)



Mar 1, 2021


Pictures do not do it justice.  It is truly a work of art as well as a professional instrument with crystal clear tone.  Now I have to practice enough to be accomplished enough to deserve such a fine ukulele.  Thanks for your fine work and good service.


- David H. (2659)



Feb 2, 2021


Hi Cary- Well…she looks better in person than in pictures. And she sounds amazing. Thanks so much for sharing your talents and gifts with those of us who just enjoy making music.


- Joe M. (2645)


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