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Nov 21, 2019


Cary, Hello!  My new mango ukulele is the only one that I play now.  It even makes me sound pretty good.  


- Sharon H. (2591)



Oct 16, 2019


Hello Cary, the resonator ukulele arrived today. Thank’s for the beautiful instrument. I love the curly mango, the sound is great, especially for fingerpicking or clawhammer style. I will enjoy for many years!


- Roland B. (2577)



Sep 13, 2019


When I opened the case, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it looked. The pictures you sent during the building phase doesn’t do it justice. The superb craftsmanship really made the ukulele something special! Thank you so much for creating such an outstanding instrument for me. The sounds were very warm and clear with a distinct tone. Thanks again Cary, it will be admired and appreciated for many years to come.


- Ray P. (2589)



Jun 3, 2019


My new Mya Moe uke has spent several hours with me today as we got acquainted with each other. It’s a beautiful uke and the sound is to die for. The intonation is the best I’ve ever experienced in any uke. The vibrato is there in spades no matter which string or fret you’re on. The sustain and shimmering tone are nothing short of lovely. And yes, it has looks to match. What a lovely uke. And built just for me. Thanks Cary


- Esau S. (2568)



Apr 25, 2019


Hello Cary, Thank you for the gorgeous sycamore soprano! It arrived safe and sound and I'm very happy with it. The ukulele is beautifully crafted and lightweight. The sound is warm and precise at the same time and the intonation is great.


- Ylle K. (2558)



Apr 19, 2019


Dear Cary, I received my beautiful new tenor Uke today!  It is just exquisite!  Thank you so very much! What a beautiful sounding and beautiful looking instrument!  It plays so nicely as well :)


- Suzanne B. (2559)



Mar 6, 2019


Hi Cary, The Blonde Baritone arrived safely today.  Great packing design for safe shipping.  Thank you so much, it is wonderful. Your craftsmanship is excellent. The sound, looks, feel, and playability of this baritone are equally outstanding. I swear this is the most light weight baritone I have ever played. The Biscuit Ridge Fire POC has a wonderful tone to it.  It pairs well with the sycamore. The tone has great resonance, projection, crispness and warmth.  I really like this baritone and I really enjoy it in reentrant tuning.  It is all had hoped for and then some.  Thank you again, Hodge.


- Hodge J. (2549)



Feb 2, 2019


Thank you Cary. I love my new concert uke. It's fantastic. The workmanship is astounding, and it plays like a dream. Another owner wrote 'Everyone should own a Mya-Moe'. I fully agree!


- Richard F. (2542)



Dec 21, 2018


Hi Cary , Received the ukulele beautiful craftsmanship I am quite impressed with all aspects. Sound is amazing as well it indeed projects well.    I appreciate everything , thank you


- Derek L. (2536)



Nov 2, 2018


Love my new cedar top uke. I didn’t know a ukulele could play so easy and sound so full! Thanks Cary!


- Howard O. (2529)


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