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Mar 12, 2020


I must say, pictures do not do it justice. The black and white ebony is beautiful and the one-piece sitka spruce is definitely a step up in appearance and is unusual. Of course, Larry’s inlay work is impeccable, gorgeous, and worth every penny- incredible detail; what an artist and a rightful legend!. I absolutely love the tone and the musicality of 6 strings- it adds so much to the sound, and is quite easy to strum. This will undoubtedly become my favorite instrument. As with the resonator you made for me previously, a pleasure to work with you Cary! Your attention to detail and willingness to work with the customer is a valued quality I really appreciate.


- Leo T. (2617)



Mar 4, 2020


I finally got to sit down and play my beautiful new resonator. It is so much fun! You made another wonderful ukulele. Thank you so much for making this for me.


- Sharon H. (2616)



Feb 26, 2020


It is beautiful!  I am going to take it to our jam session tonight and try it out!  Thank you for your hard work on the instrument, your love shows!


- Linda M. (2615)



Feb 24, 2020


it's gorgeous! I brought it to rehearsal yesterday for my ukulele ensemble (Ukestra Seattle), and everyone was impressed- including the couple other Mya-Moe owners in the bunch.


- Rachel B. (2613)



Jan 24, 2020


Hi Cary, Wanted to let you know the reso-Uke was just delivered. Very well packed and it looks beautiful and sounds better. Thank you. I look forward to growing with this instrument, and a wonderful tribute to my late wife-the dragonfly inlay is gorgeous.


- Leo T. (2609)



Nov 30, 2019


Cary, My new sycamore classic Tenor is beautiful! And it plays and sounds absolutely fantastic! I am so blown away by the resonance and the playability of this wonderful ukulele. And I’m so glad I could pick it up in person today. Not only did I get to see where my new uke was made, but I got to shake the hand of the luthier who built it. That makes this ukulele so much more special to me. It was great getting to meet you Cary, and thanks so much for the tour of the shop.


- Andy H. (2603)



Nov 21, 2019


Cary, Hello!  My new mango ukulele is the only one that I play now.  It even makes me sound pretty good.  


- Sharon H. (2591)



Oct 16, 2019


Hello Cary, the resonator ukulele arrived today. Thank’s for the beautiful instrument. I love the curly mango, the sound is great, especially for fingerpicking or clawhammer style. I will enjoy for many years!


- Roland B. (2577)



Sep 13, 2019


When I opened the case, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it looked. The pictures you sent during the building phase doesn’t do it justice. The superb craftsmanship really made the ukulele something special! Thank you so much for creating such an outstanding instrument for me. The sounds were very warm and clear with a distinct tone. Thanks again Cary, it will be admired and appreciated for many years to come.


- Ray P. (2589)



Jun 3, 2019


My new Mya Moe uke has spent several hours with me today as we got acquainted with each other. It’s a beautiful uke and the sound is to die for. The intonation is the best I’ve ever experienced in any uke. The vibrato is there in spades no matter which string or fret you’re on. The sustain and shimmering tone are nothing short of lovely. And yes, it has looks to match. What a lovely uke. And built just for me. Thanks Cary


- Esau S. (2568)


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