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Sep 11, 2012


I played with my new baritone this evening with friends who play guitars, and my 718 sounded fabulous! I played a few regular uke chords instead of guitar-like chords, but otherwise managed pretty well. I love it and I'm not sure how/if I will fall asleep tonight!

I really thought the experience of my 2nd MM would be somewhat ho-hum. I was wrong.


- Kay K. (718)



Sep 7, 2012


It is by far one of the nicest instruments I have ever owned and I have had quite a few. It is absolutely beautiful, it is everything I wanted, plays great, and sounds great. I am truly a happy camper, thank you so much. The 7 month wait was well worth it.


- Tim E. (798)



Sep 6, 2012


I just wanted to let you know that the instrument arrived today (so quickly!) in perfect condition. And it sounds and looks perfect too. After some hours of playing it already feels mine, in many more ways than just the name written inside. Thank you for building me such a great instrument. Now I just have to keep practicing to make sure my playing does it some justice!


- Heli J. (800)



Aug 31, 2012


It's as good as I imagined it to be! I've been playing the heck out of it and the sound and play ability are perfect. The feel of the neck is incredibly comfortable. Oh, and the tone is amazing.


- Juan R. (795)



Aug 21, 2012


I LOVE my new sycamore resonator ukulele. I was on extended business travel, and the box waited for me here in the office, but the wait is over.

Finally, I've given it some air, played it many times, gotten the feel for it, and I am thrilled. I love the volume of the resonator, its unique sound, and the long sustain. The flourocarbon strings are a little slippery, but now that I am getting used to them, I find the ukulele allows me play to the best of my ability.

Thank you so much!


- Jim G. (772)



Aug 20, 2012


I really have fallen head over heals for this uke.


- Laura M. (753)



Aug 20, 2012


Loving the instrument, btw. Been playing it a lot every day and I already hear it opening up. It’s been to three Saturday morning jam sessions and everyone loves it. At one point the owner of the repair shop we play in was about 50 feet away in the other room and he could it clearly in concert with 5 other acoustics (and two of those were dreadnaughts).

Fantastic work out of you folks. You have my heartfelt appreciation.


- Jamie S. (769)



Aug 20, 2012


My uke arrived in wonderful shape. She plays wonderful and most people have commented that she is a real work of art. Thank you so much for a real experience.


- Jack D. (786)



Aug 19, 2012


I love how light this axe is! This lightness translates as responsiveness, like an F1 race car, sweet and clear in the quiet, slow parts but loud and fast when I need to floor it! 5 stars!


- Derek H. (770)



Aug 13, 2012


I cannot help myself. It is fun to have a unique instrument made to your own specifications and to have luthiers such as the Mayers to bring life to the unique wood selections. I love both my Little Koa-Moe #247 and my Master Blue Pond Tenor Moe #414. It took a while for it to open up but it sounds great and appears to be aging well. Both ukes allow me to escape my regular high stress day and wonder off somewhere.


- Eddy M. (987)


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