Cascade Series


" These guys really boom! I like the action and my hands move very smoothly on the fretboard and it feels very comfortable. I see what you mean by playability. Intonation is flawless and response rings all the way up the neck. Both instruments have lovely voices. Koa (#2662)maybe sings a little more (I’m so glad we got it!). It’s very deep, maybe because of the low G resonating, and Myrtle is more mellow but has a really nice velvety voice. Both instruments sound as beautiful as they look. Looking forward to these opening up and just getting better and better. Muting is very crisp. Nice percussive snare quality. So in short I’m falling in love... You did such a fantastic job on these! THANK YOU for such a special experience and beautiful work! "

- Nancy G.


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Scheduled Start Date: Nov 30, 2020
Completed: Dec 19, 2020

  • Master Grade Myrtle top, back & sides

  • Walnut body binding

  • Walnut rosette

  • Hand-rubbed oil finish

  • Radiused Maple fretboard with Walnut binding & Leaf Inlay markers

  • Port Orford Cedar neck

  • Peghed brand geared tuners

  • Custom Signature Headplate

Hand-crafted in the USA by Cary Kelly. Each instrument is numbered & signed.


Wood Grade: Master
Wood Availability: This wood species is available. Specific wood sets vary.

Cascade Series Wood Cascade Series Wood


Gallery Photos (completed instrument)



Full Front

Build Schedule





Nov 24

bend sides, glue in neck block


Nov 25

glue in tail block


Nov 30

rout & glue-in end graft, kerf top edge, kerf bottom edge, brace back


Dec 1

brace top, glue back onto sides


Dec 2

glue top onto sides, prep fretboard & neck


Dec 3

clean up body, rout dovetail, drill tuner holes, glue fretboard onto neck, rout binding channels, glue in top binding


Dec 4

shape neck, dress fret ends, glue in back binding


Dec 7

prep for finish, glue neck/fretboard onto body


Dec 8

first coat of oil


Dec 10

second coat of oil


Dec 14

third coat of oil


Dec 15

fourth coat of oil


Dec 17

apply lemon oil, glue on bridge


Dec 18

make saddle, (put in pickup, if any), cut nut, final fretwork, put in tuners, put on strings

Original Wood Set