• Hand-built and hand-voiced
• A speciality instrument for that unique octave-doubled sound
• That Mya-Moe tone you expect, with extra depth
• Tenor or Baritone sizes
• Solid wood construction in any combination for unique personality in aesthetics & voice

"Part 12-string guitar, part harp, part mandolin and part ukulele—there is no sound like it!"

Part 12-string guitar, part harp, part mandolin and part ukulele, there is no sound like it! The Mya-Moe 6-string ukulele has a beautiful, lilting voice. No wonder it was the instrument-of-choice for the first two Mya-Moe Natural Wonders Series instruments.
The hand-shaped neck, radiused fretboard, meticulously leveled frets, and individually dressed fret ends makes this instrument a dream to play.
The instrument comes standard with geared machine tuners, and an upgrade to Peghed geared tuners is available, which reduces the overall weight.

We custom-designed the string set on the tenor and baritone to bring out the best voice. The string tension makes it effortless to fret, and perfect to strum. And, the octave doubled strings in the 1 and 3 position give the instrument attack and sustain.
The result is a 6-string ukulele that is uniquely Mya-Moe. The 6-string is available in both Tenor and Baritone sizes.

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