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May 28, 2024


I can't thank you enough for this lovely uke. I really feel like this is a new chapter in my uke journey and that my playing has already improved... The songs I play sound sweeter and warmer than they have before. Wow!!!! I feel like I'm in the big leagues!


- Jiggy With Viggy (2847)



Oct 2, 2023


I love my new custom-built Mya-Moe tenor resonator! It looks and sounds every bit as beautiful as I had hoped for since the day I ordered it. It is a rewarding experience working with Cary throughout the building process. He puts a lot of care in creating each instrument just the way you want it, and when you arrive at the day you get to open the box, . . . you know and feel “it’s mine.”


- Jim S. (2809)



Jul 17, 2023


The ukulele is everything I thought it would be then a little more. You are to be commended on your prompt service as well as your fine workmanship. You are well deserving of the reputation you enjoy in the ukulele community, my friends that recommended you were correct. Again thank you for all the courtesies you extended my way. I look forward to my next Mya-Moe Ukulele.


- TJ L. (2791)



Mar 20, 2023


Hi Cary, I love my fiddleback maple ukulele! The bright tone is exactly what I wanted. What I especially love about my new ukulele is how easy it is to play!  I think about playing my new ukulele when I’m not playing it! Thank you so much for making it… I also have to let you know how easy the b-flat chord is. I get a nice clear tone without even thinking about my hand position. Another thing I noticed is that I don’t get a trigger finger in a difficult section of Legacy Ukulele Ensemble music. Thanks so much for creating such a beautiful ukulele! KIA ORA!


- Val S. (2777)



Dec 6, 2022


I LOVE the custom tenor. It came out better than I could have imagined and is super responsive. I love everything about it!


- Brandon N. (2770)



Nov 22, 2022


Hey Cary! The new baritone is brilliant :) 


- John C. (2767)



Oct 17, 2022


I love the instrument. I feel that it instantly improved my playing, and it’s become my go-to gigging ukulele.


- Nick D. (2755)



Sep 13, 2022


This instrument has become an incredible companion. Its gorgeous notes have instructed me to slow down and take in their personal, crystalline, languid sound. The reason I ever began playing ukulele was to create peaceful moments. To my ear, this ukulele was made for these times. In addition, the exquisite feel of the neck, setup and weight make playing a complete pleasure. Last, but not least (by any stretch) your craftsmanship is impeccable. I really appreciate and admire your art. Stunning! I smile every time I open the case and see this sweet ukulele.


- Eileen M (2757)



Jul 1, 2022


It’s truly a work of art. I see why you were sorry to part with it. Glad to know that Mya-Moe is in good and capable hands. Can’t wait to get better acquainted with Myrtle. Thanks for all the love and care you put into it.


- Bill W. (2735)



May 25, 2022


I love this soprano so much. I can’t put it down.


- Amy H. (2736)


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