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Dec 10, 2020


Thought I should get back to you on how much I have been enjoying my lovely Mya Moe tenor!!!!!  It has been an absolute blast to play.


- Janet S. (2619)



Nov 25, 2020


Cary, I can’t put it down. I’m so happy with my new ukulele and also so grateful for all the work, care, attention to detail and experience that have obviously gone into making this beautiful instrument. This uke’s journey from your shop was an unexpected adventure. It made it home thanks to the kindness of a stranger. In her honour, I’ve named it Mack. Thanks again


- Luis B. (2657)



Oct 13, 2020


Hey Cary! Wow.   floored.   It plays like an old friend. I always say a great instrument is like a time machine.  Because when you start playing, you forget everything, until you notice an hour has passed. I had to force myself to stop playing and write this email :) Thanks again for the great service, and the beautiful creation you have bestowed on me :) Ok, now I have to go play more :) Cheer


- Johnny C (2649)



Oct 6, 2020


I couldn’t possibly be happier. It’s a stunningly beautiful soprano with an unexpectedly full and rich sound for such a small bodied instrument. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process of choosing the type of ukulele, type of wood, binding, sound hole, and even an inlay. I enjoyed and appreciated how inclusive Cary was in posting photos on the UkeTracker, answering all of my questions and emails and keeping me in the loop through every step of construction.


- Josh B. (2646)



Sep 29, 2020


Cary, My new Mya-Moe resonator arrived safely today. I must say that it has exceeded my already high expectations for it. I certainly expected that the quilted maple pieces for the top and back were going to be pretty spectacular but the quilted maple you put on the sides may be even more spectacular! The sound is exactly what I was looking for in a resonator.


- David C. (2648)



Jun 23, 2020


It's another excellent instrument created by you. I can't be more pleased with it. Thanks again for the wonderful instrument.  


- Jeff S. (2634)



Jun 16, 2020


Hi Cary, It is absolutely beautiful and I am so pleased with how it looks and how it sounds. Thank you for your beautiful craftsmanship.


- Terri C. (2631)



Jun 7, 2020


I think it looks wonderful and exceeds my expectations. I do like the radiused fretboard - one of the driving factors in buying a Mya-Moe. I really wish you could hear this thing today - getting more and more resonant.  It's like the sound board is waiting for you to even look at the strings so it can vibrate.  Now here's something that pleasantly surprised me.  It has a much deeper/fuller timber than my Koa uke.  The Mya-Moe has a much more focused attack as well.  The soundboard overdrives beautifully and I don't lose any of the individual strings in the mix.  The whole experience has been very positive and I'm happy with your results.  I expect this Mya-Moe will rise to the number one uke in my arsenal.


- Mike G. (2632)



Jun 1, 2020


Cary, I’m having a wonderful time with the Mya-Moe. Working on the Bach Cello Concerto which goes up to fret 15 and it plays beautifully up there.


- Peggy M. (2628)



May 28, 2020


Hi Cary, I’ve had a chance to play my new instrument for a couple of weeks now and just wanted to let you know how incredibly pleased with it I am. My old baritone is a decent instrument but everything about my Mya-Moe is superior. The tone is beautiful, the workmanship is excellent, and the volume and sustain and just amazing. For instance, I never understood what the big deal was with the 12th fret harmonic technique because on my old baritone you could barely hear anything when you did this but on the Mya-Moe it sounds like chimes.


- Brian S. (2626)


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