Roxy's Waltz


Thanks to Aaron for writing Roxy's Waltz!


The tab for Roxy's Waltz is here.


The simple chords for Roxy's Waltz are here.


Here's the Baritone version!


And, thanks to Eamonn Canning for putting this version together!


Karen S. performs Roxy's Waltz in 3 parts--beautiful! (And here is the tab)


Instructional Videos

Aaron & Nicole play Roxy's Waltz


Gordon & Char play Roxy's Waltz

Right-hand fingering technique:

Left-hand fingering technique:

Roxy's Waltz for the Baritone


The Inspiration: Our beloved Roxy. 1/15/02 - 7/13/14

Sleeping with Char


With Gordon


Waiting for Gordon's Dad to take her on a walk


On a hike with Gordon's Mom


Ready for Gordon's Dad's birthday


Dressed up for Christmas