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Jun 23, 2020


It's another excellent instrument created by you. I can't be more pleased with it. Thanks again for the wonderful instrument.  


- Jeff S. (2634)



Jun 16, 2020


Hi Cary, It is absolutely beautiful and I am so pleased with how it looks and how it sounds. Thank you for your beautiful craftsmanship.


- Terri C. (2631)



Jun 7, 2020


I think it looks wonderful and exceeds my expectations. I do like the radiused fretboard - one of the driving factors in buying a Mya-Moe. I really wish you could hear this thing today - getting more and more resonant.  It's like the sound board is waiting for you to even look at the strings so it can vibrate.  Now here's something that pleasantly surprised me.  It has a much deeper/fuller timber than my Koa uke.  The Mya-Moe has a much more focused attack as well.  The soundboard overdrives beautifully and I don't lose any of the individual strings in the mix.  The whole experience has been very positive and I'm happy with your results.  I expect this Mya-Moe will rise to the number one uke in my arsenal.


- Mike G. (2632)



Jun 1, 2020


Cary, I’m having a wonderful time with the Mya-Moe. Working on the Bach Cello Concerto which goes up to fret 15 and it plays beautifully up there.


- Peggy M. (2628)



May 28, 2020


Hi Cary, I’ve had a chance to play my new instrument for a couple of weeks now and just wanted to let you know how incredibly pleased with it I am. My old baritone is a decent instrument but everything about my Mya-Moe is superior. The tone is beautiful, the workmanship is excellent, and the volume and sustain and just amazing. For instance, I never understood what the big deal was with the 12th fret harmonic technique because on my old baritone you could barely hear anything when you did this but on the Mya-Moe it sounds like chimes.


- Brian S. (2626)



May 22, 2020


Hi Cary - It is so lovely, sounds so sweet, and is absolutely perfect. I will definitely enjoy playing it and continuing my learning process. I wish I had discovered this instrument much earlier in my life ... but I guess it's never too late to teach an old dog new tricks! Please take care and know that what you do brings so much joy to so many ... myself included!


- Holly S. (2618)



May 11, 2020


Cary, The red maple tenor is here!  It is beautiful and the perfect complement to my mango. It is fun to play. Now I have one brighter and one warmer.  These are so much easier to play than my old ukes that I feel like I am playing better.  


- Sharon H. (2627)



Mar 12, 2020


I must say, pictures do not do it justice. The black and white ebony is beautiful and the one-piece sitka spruce is definitely a step up in appearance and is unusual. Of course, Larry’s inlay work is impeccable, gorgeous, and worth every penny- incredible detail; what an artist and a rightful legend!. I absolutely love the tone and the musicality of 6 strings- it adds so much to the sound, and is quite easy to strum. This will undoubtedly become my favorite instrument. As with the resonator you made for me previously, a pleasure to work with you Cary! Your attention to detail and willingness to work with the customer is a valued quality I really appreciate.


- Leo T. (2617)



Mar 4, 2020


I finally got to sit down and play my beautiful new resonator. It is so much fun! You made another wonderful ukulele. Thank you so much for making this for me.


- Sharon H. (2616)



Feb 26, 2020


It is beautiful!  I am going to take it to our jam session tonight and try it out!  Thank you for your hard work on the instrument, your love shows!


- Linda M. (2615)


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